ERA-NET Cofund Electric Mobility Europe (2016-2021)

Electric Mobility Europe (EMEurope) is an ERA-NET Cofund initiative bringing together public funders from European Member and Associated States and the Commission with a budget of around 23 million EUR. This initiative builds up on the results and experiences from the concluded ERA-NET Plus Electromobility+ and is designed to take transnational e-mobility research and policy exchange to the next level.

Implementation approach

With a two-track approach, the initiative will link research and policy practice in support of electric mobility at the European level.

A. Co-funded call for proposals

Electric Mobility Europe will fund innovation projects focussing on the application and implementation of e-mobility with the objective of advancing the mainstreaming of the electrification of mobility in Europe.

On November 2nd 2016, the initiative published a trans-national call for project proposals addressing the following key areas of electric mobility:

  1. System integration (transport, (sub)urban areas)
  2. Urban freight and city logistics
  3. Smart mobility concepts and ICT applications
  4. Public transport
  5. Consumer behaviour and societal trends
B. Cooperation on policy level

Building on the achievements of Electromobility+, the new initiative will establish a strategic pillar for national governmental administrations at the ministerial level. Electric Mobility Europe will provide a platform for cooperation and exchange of information and experiences between the governmental organisations of the participating countries while also involving regions and other stakeholders.

An important focus will be the exchange of information on measures – planned or implemented – to introduce investments and conditions conducive to the further development of electric mobility in Europe.

In attunement with the European Green Vehicle Initiative Association, a close exchange of ideas and information between the governmental organisations and stakeholders from industry, academia and municipalities will be established.


Benefits of the initiative

This joint initiative and the involved public funders will have a significant impact on the development of electric mobility on an European level.

Electric Mobility Europe will:

  • Accelerate the time to market for solutions for integrating electric mobility in Europe’s (sub-)urban mobility systems
  • Establish and activate a network of policy decision makers and stakeholders for exchanging know-how and experiences on electric mobility solutions for European urban areas
  • Link policy, science and industry towards a joint support of electric mobility in European urban areas
  • Facilitate industry, service sector, politics, authorities and users, providing suitable and feasible solutions for electric mobility in European urban areas
  • Contribute to the European White Paper objective to promote zero emission mobility in European cities

In addition the EMEurope partners will profit from a significant grant provided by the EC. In average each partner will benefit from a 50% topping-up on provided national funds plus a lump sum financing for policy cooperation measures.

The strength of the envisaged two-track approach for mainstreaming electric mobility in Europe lies in expanded collaboration for establishing a joint European understanding of the benefits of electric mobility for the transport sector and beyond.


More Information

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Electric Mobility Europe – Concept Overview
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